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Shenzhen Chong Cheng electronic special computer chip for more than 10 years, the main notebook CPU, video card chips, North and South Bridge chips, storage particles and various computer chips, complete model, quality guarantee, a large number of advantages in spot inventory, welcome the old and new customers to call inquiry!
Over the past more than 10 years, we have been serving computer manufacturers, communication equipment manufacturers, industrial control equipment manufacturers, and have reached long-term cooperation. From quality control, professional services, supply capacity are far more than peers. Especially in the field of notebook CPU, we have maintained long-term cooperation with many well-known manufacturers at home and abroad that are demanding quality.
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At present, the website product information is not comprehensive, most of the notebook CPU, memory particles and video card chips have not been released one by one, if you have a notebook CPU need to be recycled, or have a notebook CPU product procurement requirements, please contact us in the following ways, and online back to your needs, we will be back within 24 hours. Back to you!